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Wysong's new Optimize foods included Beef and Liver, Chicken, and Wild Salmon. Beef and Liver

The Beef Heart & Liver treats are $14.15/ 9-oz.bag. Retail price: $19.99.
The Chicken treats are $14.15/8-oz. bag. Retail price $19.99.
The Wild Caught Salmon treats are $17.32/7.5 oz. bag.Retail price: $24.99.

The co-op price is distributor's cost plus shipping plus 5%.

Wysong Optimizeâ„¢ is a high nutrient value food intended for dogs, cats, and ferrets. The foundation of Optimizeâ„¢ is substantial chunks of real meats.

Wysong is committed to evolving and advancing pet foods such that they increasingly resemble the natural, carnivorous diet; the archetypal diet that nature intended.

Far too many pet foods are high carbohydrate and starch (which converts to sugar once digested), low protein, and low fat. These dietary attributes are, quite literally, the opposite of our pets' genetic expectations. The health of pets suffers accordingly.

In stark contrast with such commercial pet foods, Wysong Optimizeâ„¢ is meat based, and additionally fortified with an unparalleled Wysong micronutrient spectrum.

What's unique about Wysong Optimizeâ„¢?

Very few pet foods are truly meat based, and reflective of a natural meal for our carnivorous pets. Wysong Optimizeâ„¢ is!

Additionally, for the first time, we've integrated our popular DentaTreatâ„¢ supplement into a Wysong food so that its benefits can be easily, and automatically experienced at meal time! Wysong DentaTreatâ„¢ has added great taste/palatability to pet foods and improved the oral health of pets for decades*. DentaTreatâ„¢ is also a source of enzymes, probiotics, and other high value micronutrients that are typically lacking in commercial pet foods.

We've also added other functional micronutrients like Green Lipped Green Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) Mussel and an Organic Mushroom blend.

Green Lipped Green Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) Mussel is a nutrient rich in amino acids and shown to benefit joint health, while the Organic Mushroom blend stimulates the immune system.*

Why use Wysong Optimizeâ„¢?

Optimizeâ„¢ is also an exceptional flavor and nutritional boost. Pets recognize food they are designed for.

Sadly, pets are often fed the same food exclusively, meal after meal, day after day, for years. The addition of Wysong Optimizeâ„¢ foods to any standard pet food will be a welcomed source of food variety, to say the least!

How do I use Wysong Optimizeâ„¢?

Optimizeâ„¢ is intended to be used as an addition to any commercial dry or canned pet food.

It may also be fed as a standalone meal, and as part of a healthy varied feeding regimen.

Even a little bit of Optimizeâ„¢ goes a long way!

For example, add just 1 ounce of Wysong Optimizeâ„¢ Wild Caught Salmon to 1 cup (~4 oz) of 25% protein commercial pet food kibble to increase the protein value of the meal to 36% overall! (Research shows that wild canines and felines consume a diet that is 60+% protein.)

Not to mention, the spectrum of micronutrients that is contributed by Wysong Optimizeâ„¢!

Introduce your furry family members to Wysong Optimizeâ„¢ today! They and their health will love it.

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